Year End Donation Match!

An Annonymous Donor has pledged a $50,000 Matching gift to help us raise much needed funding for Campaign Goals* and to help us keep up with the incredible growth we've seen this year.

GIVE BEFORE SEPTEMBER 30 to help us Maximize this Matching gift, and keep up with the exciting growth we have seen this year.

Program Meeting Info​

Thanks for helping us bring 93 campers and leaders to Young Life Summer Camp this year! We've seen God move in so many big ways and the camp follow up and really made a big impact. We are so excited to see how this momentum carries us into the fall.


Banquet Fundraiser

Save the Date: Sunday, Oct. 1

6:30 - 8:30 pm (doors open at 6pm)

Location: The Boys & Girls Club

Register: BanquetFundraiser.com



*FAST FORWARD Campaign Goals

Goal 1: hire part-time staff to prep for big changes (splitting WAHS & SAHS into 2 distinct Clubs)

Goal 2: hire a part-time admin to support direct ministry staff.

Goal 3: have a Team Leader for all 6 of our Target Schools.

Goal 4: team leaders will receive national leadership development training.


Contact Info

Albany Young Life

P.O. Box 415
Albany, OR 97321 
Andrea Bartell
South Side Director
SAHS, Timber Ridge, Calapooia
Jeremy Ito
Area Director / West Side Dir.
WAHS, Memorial, NAMS
541-905-0444 cell


Young Life Albany | PO Box 415 Albany, OR 97321-0119

Phone: (541) 905-0444

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